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"On these pages, you will find exclusive scale models of classic and modern aircraft in wood and hybrid design. Model aircraft building of the highest level, technically perfect and yet easy and fast to accomplish is available to you. In an increasingly hectic world, many things are not given the time to fully mature. Since more than 10 years now, I have made it my mission to keep a balance between preservation and innovation. Not gimmickry, not the seizing of daily trends determine my philosophy, but rather the careful adaptation of traditional values to the requirements of modern time. Thus, manual processing in conjunction with advanced technical means is of crucial importance to me, because an optimum can be achieved by this, which guarantees visible high-value products and high class.

And only a persistent uncompromising attitude with respect to quality, which only admits selected, high-grade materials, as well as the intensive study of excusive details make my models unmistakable calling cards of good taste. Traditional values and individuality for connoisseurs associated with the most advanced design and production methods – this is my philosophy for a style not characterized by the passing day, but which characterizes the time in its own way."
Hans Jörg Bayer, Geschäftsführer Bayer CNC Modellbautechnik

You can visit us daily from 0900 hours to 1300 hours and from 1400 hours to 1830 hours as well as during weekends on appointment (by phone). We will be very pleased to present to you all our models in our showroom measuring 100 square meters and show you our production facilities.

Since its foundation in May 1998, our Company has been busy offering exclusive scale model aircraft and serving as a partner in the model building industry. We mainly deal with the design, product development and series production of model aircraft assembly kits.

Through the extremely accurately CAD designed and precisely CNC cut parts and the numerous individual solutions facilitating the assembly of our kits, we have achieved the goal that the average modeler will be able to generate the most delicate masterpieces within a sensationally short assembly time, which had previously only been performed by a handful of specialist modelers. These solutions have been patented by us under the designation of FrameLock® Technology.


  • 1997 Development of the first assembly kit
  • May 1998 – Official foundation of the company
  • 1999 – Move to the production facility in Lenting
  • 2003 – New construction of our company building in Wettstetten

Please find a detailed Company Profile here, which you can download as a * pdf file.
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